Friday, April 19, 2013

Quick side"bun"

I made this vid last year to show how I do my quick side faux bun. I can actually do this much quicker than in the video, but I am used to doing this in a mirror! Oh, and I was nervous, because I had never done a video before.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

So you tried a product or technique that everyone seems to raving about, and the angels didn't sing...

It seems everywhere you look, all your curly friends seem to be raving about some new product or some new technique for styling. Of course that means you must try it! You run out and buy the product, or read up on the technique, and are excited to try it. But after your hair is done and dried... you are less than pumped about the results. Rest assured, fellow wavies, it happens to all of us. Everyone has different hair properties, and those properties will mostly determine how your hair will react to products, and techniques. Sometimes, it just takes a little tweaking to hear those angels sing. Other times, it isn't going to happen. Don't write off a product or technique if it doesn't seem to work out the first time. Keep experimenting with it. Maybe try it with wetter hair, or drier hair. Try less product, try more product, etc. But, if after giving something a fair shot it still doesn't impress you, there is no shame in saying it doesn't for work for you.
Part of the Curly Girl philosophy is learning to love YOUR hair. So if that means you can't use some "miracle" product or technique that seems to work for everyone else, then that's just fine.