Friday, November 23, 2012

Are you wavy? aka The wavy imposter and you.

Some lucky duckies have a strong wave pattern and have always known that they posses wavy or curly hair. You may have had curly hair when you were young that relaxed into waves as you got older, or you may have had wavy hair that tightened up as you got older. 
But for many wavies, it isn't that apparent. You have always believed you had straight hair. Maybe the texture has changed as you got older, had children, taken medications, or a host of other reasons. Your hair dries frizzy, fuzzy, poofy, with odd bends here and there. You need a flat iron or curling iron to make it look it smooth. Maybe like me, even a flat iron won't tame some fuzzy bits, and no matter what you do, or products you try, you seem to end up with fried looking "finger-in-a-light-socket" hair.
The good news? You may be a wavy!
How can you tell? Next time you wash your hair, shampoo (more on this evil stuff later!) or cleanse as usual (aka low-poo, cleansing conditioner, or conditioner wash. Again, more on cleansing options later!) coat your hair with conditioner and detangle using fingers or a wide tooth comb. Rinse this out and scrunch a little leave in conditioner into your wet hair. Now take a cotton t-shirt, microfiber towel, or flour sack towel and scrunch some water out of your hair. Now look in the mirror. Is it wavy? Are the waves staying put for the most part? If yes, then congrats! You're wavy! If still no wave, or waves fall out quickly, then you probably are straight and need some hair problem diagnosis (dry? damaged? bad cut?).
Now you are probably wondering where to go from here. I swear by the CG (Curly Girl) or no-poo method of hair care. I will write more on this in a bit. But for now, I will leave you with some links. 
Naturally Curly is a great place to find out more on low-poo or no-poo, styling tips, and product advice. I used to post frequently on the Curl Talk board there until posts started being ripped off and used to write new articles without the poster's knowledge.
Facebook Wavy Hair Community is a private group on facebook started by a few of my fellow former Curl Talkers. If you would like to join, please read "how to join" and the group rules! We are a great, friendly, and very helpful community.
Wavy Hair Community Hair Product Reviews is a blog started by the WHC admins where our community has reviewed a host of products and techniques for wavy hair. is another hair blog from a fellow WHC member. She has a lot of great info!